Claircognizant means simply 'clear knowing'.  A person who is claircognizant simply 'knows' things, without knowing why or how they know them.  It is an unusual modality, and almost impossible to explain.  It is simply knowing without reason. 


 "The power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality." (Miriam Webster)  A clairaudient 'hears' through their psychic 'ears'. 


Clairvoyant means 'a person who seems to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact'.  In other words, someone who can see into your future. 


Someone clairsentient has the ability to feel the past, present or future of someone, using the 6th or intuitive sense.  It simply means 'clear feeling' or 'clear sensing', and we all have it to some degree. 


A medium is someone who can receive messages from those who have passed away. 


Beverly has the unique ability to open herself as a vessel into which your Guides, Angels, loved ones and others on the other side of the veil, can offer her information for you.  The majority of her readings are conducted in this way. 



A Gallery Reading involves a  group of people, perhaps fifteen or more, who come together to hear messages delivered by a Medium or someone who is psychic.  In Beverly's case, the Gallery Reading will involve the guests general questions to the Universe.  The guests ask the questions (no question is off limits), and then she receives the answers.  It is fast-paced and fun, and can be very emotional and cathartic.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." - Albert Einstein 


 Q:  LaDonna asks, 'Do you actually see the angels and people?'

A:  They are seen in my mind's eye, and sometimes seen behind or around you in physical form.  It is their 'essence' or 'energy' that is seen in physical.

Q:  Sue asks, 'Do I have angels and guides?'

A:  We ALL have angels and guides, guardians and masters around us.  We are never alone with our problems, joys or worries.  We all have a support team with us.​  Some may know them by other names; I just prefer to use these common names for these loving energetic beings.

Q:  Jonathan asks, "How do you hear what they say and I can't hear it when you do?

A:  Clairaudient means one can hear with their spiritual ears, or within the mind.  I hear through an area behind my right ear, usually the seat of clairaudience; and I sometimes hear with my physical ears.

Q:  Greg asks, 'Can I only pay with cash?'

A:  You can pay with cash, credit, PayPal or check, or occasionally, barter or good deeds.

Q:  Susan asks, 'Don't you think what you do is kinda weird?'

A:  What is weird?  To me, weird is when people don't want to help other path is unusual, but far more people have these abilities than realized.  Most everyone has a gift or ability, if they will only open to it and allow it.  If what I do assists in some way, then no, it's not weird.

Q:  Renee asks, 'What can I expect?  I've never had a reading of any type before?"

A.  We will sit down together, or if you choose phone, FaceBook or email, then we will set a time to connect.  I will ask for your full name, and then I will ask that those who have messages for you, come and share them.  I write or 'doodle' as I receive the information to you, so in that respect what information I don't 'hear' or 'see', is channeled through my writing.  After I share what messages I receive for you, then you can feel free to ask specific questions.  It's pretty painless!

Q:  Angela asks,  'Do you have a 'Code of Ethics'?

A:  Yes, I do.  You can read it here: Code of Ethics

Q:  Tanya asks,  'Are you religious, since you talk to angels'?

A:   No, I am not religious in any way.  I consider myself 'spiritual' but I ascribe to no religion.  'Angel', 'Guide', etc. are all names that are easily understood my most, so I use those names to describe the wonderful energetic entities to whom I speak.  They are all there to serve us and help us along our paths.  So that makes them angels, guides and guardians to me.

Q:  Donna asks, 'What is a home party?'

A:  A home party is when Beverly comes to your home for groups of six or more, to read for you and your friends.  For every five paid half hour readings, the sixth reading is free to the hostess. You can book up to 12 guests. Please contact for details and pricing.

Q:  Tim asks, 'Why do you draw all those crazy things?'

A:  LOL, Tim, I doodle; it's how a great deal of my information 'comes through'.  It is not quite automatic writing, but it does help me more clearly receive information for you.

Q:  Elizabeth asks:  I recently had a reading with you and found it very intriguing, but why do you give me the paper at the end?  I can't read anything on it!

A:  At the end of your reading, I will give you the paper that I drew on.  It is illegible, yes, but this is my way of giving your information back to you.  When we meet again, I will not remember your prior reading, and forgive me, but may not remember you!  It is how I keep from carrying everyone's information in my heard.