code of ethics


It is my honor to read for you. Hence I will be as professional as possible, and will consider all your words to me, or the words that come through to you, as matters to be held in confidence.

As your reader, I will be aware of the laws of the state or country in which the reading will take place. 

Should I not feel I can read for you, or should I feel that someone else would be a better ‘reader’ for you based on their specialty, I will tell you that and not expect payment from you. 

What payment you will be charged for my services is discussed and agreed upon in advance; there will never be additional or added fees.

Games of chance are out of the scope of psychic readings; there are too many variables of will, therefore I will not suggest winning lottery numbers or betting suggestions. 

I am not a physician, and will never advise regarding your treatment with a licensed physician. Any medical information received should be discussed with your health care professional. Further, should I feel a client is in need of legal advice, or in need of mental health evaluation, I will refer the client to a professional or agency.

Death is something that is not intended to be foretold, and it is personal. Very, very rarely am I told the date of a person’s passing. I will not discuss your or anyone else’s time of passing; it would be a dishonor to you and to the other, and would serve no useful purpose.

If there is an active investigation of a legal matter (missing person, murder, etc.) for which you want information, please know that I will gladly talk to the law enforcement personnel handling the open case on your behalf, but can not interfere with an investigation in your reading.

As a rule I do not read for minors. There are rare exceptions, with the understanding of the minor and their legal guardians, that a brief reading can be received.

My spiritual beliefs may not be yours; therefore religion or spirituality is not a factor in the readings, though I am ordained by the Universal Life Church. The information as it is given/received does not have religious credo attached. I will never impose my beliefs upon you, or minimize your own beliefs. I do not discriminate on any basis, and all are welcome to have a reading.

Please realize that all readings are filtered through the person doing the reading. If something does not make sense to you, it may simply be that the reader is misinterpreting the information she/he is receiving. I will not be insulted if during our session, you want more detail or question the information received.

Psychics and readers are not infallible. I do promise to you to deliver the information I receive for you to the best of my ability, and in the spirit of being compassionate and helpful to you

The future is written in sand, and is not written in stone. Whatever you learn from a reading, from anyone, concerning the future, is but the future as it will be if you follow the path you are currently on, and as interpreted by that reader. The future is malleable, based on your choices. Any reading should be considered for entertainment purposes, as no reader is infallible. Don’t like what you are hearing? Just change your path. Ultimately you are in control of your destiny.

From the Heart Chakra:  Beverly McChesney