IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW...... matter what type the reading, what you learn in your reading is but a map of what lies ahead on your current path.  If you don't like what you hear in your reading, well, you can change the course or path you are on, and thus change your future. Beverly believes that the only thing that might not be changeable is your own passing, and she's not sure of that.  Life is but a series of choices. You always have choice, free will and the ability to steer in the direction you wish. Use what you learn in a reading to make better choices.  Use it to keep yourself from harm, or to focus on specific areas of your life.  Use it as a tool of improvement, of growth, and to assist you with life's choices. Also realize that the information the Reader gives you, no matter who that reader is, has been filtered through that reader. We get the images, or the words, or the knowledge, but we can filter it only through our own experience. If something needs clarification or doesn't make sense, ask the Reader to ponder it a while longer. Perhaps you will receive more clarity, or the Reader will receive a clearer message for you. Readings are nothing more than life tools.  Take that tool and use it to build a joyful future! 

- Beverly McChesney, Vessel of Spirit